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Leanora's Corner

My Passion and My Dream

Smooth As Silk


Angela Patterson has had a hard life from being put in foster care at ten years old when her mother was killed and also being separated from her only living relative, her older brother. Now Angela is living her life to the fullest and making a living doing the one thing that makes her happy and that's singing. Angela sings at a nightclub called Olivia's, where she is offered the deal of a lifetime to boost her singing career with McNeil Records.

Gary McNeil is the oldest of six children by five minutes. Gary runs his record label with his twin brother Barry, and their other sibliings. Gary has always focused on work and his family till he laid eyes on Angela Patterson across the room in a crowed resturant and he couldn't stop thinking about her. Fate steps in when his cousin, Mitch tells him about an amazing singer at his club and when Gary and his sibling check out this new singer, it turns out to be his mystery lady from the resturant.

Will they be able to keep it strictly business or will the passion building between them bring them together?