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Leanora's Corner

My Passion and My Dream

What's that saying, Never Too Busy for love?

Well, the characters in this anthology have been searching for love in all the wrong places until they come across this dating app that caters to ages 30+ in finding and matching them with someone of their dreams. Sure, they might be workaholics, but they deserve their happily ever after, too.

Come enjoy 10 books that will feature happily ever afters with some strong female leads and sultry plots.

Are you too busy for love?

Authors Include:

Ashley Zakrzewski - USA Today & International Best Seller

Amy Stephens - USA Today & International Best Seller

Debra Elise - USA Today Best Seller

Pandora Snow - Amazon Best Seller

Tana Jenkins - OTFS Finalist (2nd Place)

Hazel Grace

Mellanie Szereto

Renee Pellegrino

Leanora Cowan