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Leanora's Corner

My Passion and My Dream

Fated Mates Series: Vol One

Alpha I Need You:

Rachel Manning has been waiting all her life to finally be the Alpha of her pack, and when it finally happened, she realized she was still missing the most important thing in her life, her mate. Damon Jackson had been searching all his life for his mate, and after years of searching, he came home empty handed. Will those two find the love they had craved for so long?

Alpha of My Dreams:

Jaden Griffin had given up on finding her mate, and was looking forward to graduating high school and going away to college, while all her friends were still holding on to the hope of finding that one person for them. Alex Jenkins was focused on keeping his pack safe from his uncle Jerry, who had taken so much from them all and was determined to kill them all. Do you think these two will let love pass them by or grab it with both hands and enjoy every moment of it?