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Leanora's Corner

My Passion and My Dream

Raises, promotions and recognition…

With work, it’s all business and no pleasure, right?

That is until the man who signs those paychecks you work so hard for, makes your cheeks flush and your eyes twinkle when he’s in the room with you.

Surely it’s just a crush. Or is there more to it? Could it be the start of something you didn’t know you wanted?

What happens when that workplace crush suddenly turns into a workplace romance?

This heart-warming, hilarious anthology will bring scandals, laugh-out-loud funny, closed door romantic comedy that's sure to entertain you for hours.

One click today to enjoy these authors:

Ashley Zakrzewski & Kaci Bell

Amy Stephens

J.P. Sterling

Joann Baker & Patricia Mason

Kelly Kelsey

Susanne Ash

Barb Shuler

Linzi Basset

R. S. Jonesee

A.M. Roark

Tracy Broemmer

Anne Kemp

Lisa Renee & Taryn Daniels

Holly Kerr

Samantha Long

Marie Soleil

Cindy Dorminy

Hilary Grossman

Teddy Cat Hester

Lindsey Jesionowski

Grace Worthington

Ashlee Shades

Beth Pugh

Tich Brewster

Leanora Cowan