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Leanora's Corner

My Passion and My Dream



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Just Checking

Posted by Leanora Moore on August 27, 2011 at 4:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Hi Guys,


Just wanted to see how everything is going with your writing.


I hope the information i provided is helpful and you put it to goood use.Like i said

before if you need any help please let me know.


Good Luck,




Now Its Time To Work Part 5

Posted by Leanora Moore on August 27, 2011 at 4:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Hi Guys,


I know it has been a while since i wrote anything but i wanted to give you time to do some writing. Now that you have started writing, just remember to have fun with it.


When you feel you are done writing, i want you to put your book aside for about a week or two then pick it up and reread it. Then i want you to revise any changes that need to be made.


Also remember, this is an important step in your writing because, you want you book to be perfect when you present it to agents and publishers.


Some of the things you want to look for are:


1. spelling mistakes.

2. punctuation mistakes

3. grammer mistakes


When you are sure that everything is complete, i want you to check everything one more time.


Now that you have completed your novel the fun really begins!




part 4

Posted by Leanora Moore on August 27, 2011 at 4:30 PM Comments comments (0)

Now that you have completed your outline and have completed all your research, it time to get to actually writing.


When you comitted to writing your novel, that was the first part, now you want to make goals for yourself about how much you will write daily weekly and monthly.


When i wrote my first novel, I choose to write a chapter a day and to just focus on that chapter. By doing this it kept me from going back and doing alot of revising and restarting. It also allowed my characters to write the story instead of me, and it made to story more interesting.


As you write remember that your outline is just your guide and is very flexible.


Also most importantly to just have fun!!!


Check back with me for my next installment on how to write your first novel.


part 3

Posted by Leanora Moore on August 27, 2011 at 4:30 PM Comments comments (0)


Hi guys,


When we last talked we talked about researching your setting for your novel. The next step

is to start thinking about the plot of your novel.


Now some authors would rather just write and see what happens but, i like to do a plot outline so that if i come up on a snag or forget something i have my outline to get me back on track.


In making a outline i started a piece of paper and pen and throught about how i wanted to start the story, the middle and how i wanted to end. Then on another piece of paper i started to make a list of all my conficts in the story and putting then in order the way i want them to happen in the story.


Now before you start writing again you have to do some math first, such as decide how long the book will be,how many chapters you will have, and how many pages per chapter. The average novel is 65,000 to 70,000 words long and will have 260 to 300 pages.


Then go back to the paper with the beginning, middle and end, and started writing a summary for each chapter with what characters and events will happen and you want to remember that the first chaper as well as all the other chapters have to hold the readers attention.


After you have done the summary for each chapter you want to take that summary and starting with chapter one and break that chapter down into 4 to 5 scenes as if you are watching story unfold on TV.


By breaking the chapters down this way you can have a guide just in case you get stuck and remember the direction you want the story to go. Some authors don't use a plot outline because they feel it's to constraining and it keeps the story from flowing but, for me it keeps me organized and just because i use a outline doesn't mean i can't move things around when the need hits me.


so start working on that plot outline and check with me for the next step.




Part 2

Posted by Leanora Moore on August 27, 2011 at 4:30 PM Comments comments (0)


Hi guys,


After you have created your characters and made them come to life in your mind then you need to start thinking about the setting of your novel.


Now this is were you start researching locations and once you have decided the location learn everything you can about the place.


To make this easy on yourself pick some where that you have lived or visited because, it's easier to describe something you have actually have seen that to use information and pictures off the internet.



After you have done all your research check by with me to get the next step




Important Things You Need To Start Writing Your First Novel - Part One

Posted by Leanora Moore on August 27, 2011 at 4:25 PM Comments comments (0)


1. Well the first thing you need to do is brainstorm and come up with a idea about what you want to write about.


2. Write a short summary telling what the book is about.


3. start thinking about you characters

-Their Names


-describe their appearance

-tell about their history ( what happened in their past that makes them who they are today)

-their likes and dislikes

-their family and family

-their strenghts and weakness

- most importantly how the character will grow and change through out the novel



New Authors

Posted by Leanora Moore on March 25, 2011 at 2:50 PM Comments comments (0)


Hello Everyone,


This Message is for first time writer or a person who thinking about writing their first novel.


I started writing when i was 12 years old, i keep a journal with different subject inside, and it wasn't till i was 31 that i decided to write my first novel.


So those of you out there with a idea or have started writing your fist novel, i want you to know that it is the best feeling to see your hard work in print.


If you have any questions about becoming a published author please let me know.